How It Works

How it works. The magic jack is a simple concept. The actual unit uses the internet called VOIP which stands for Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) to send and receive calls.

If your confused about the above don’t worry. you do not need to get anything except a computer / laptop, and access to the internet to make your magic jack work. If you want the luxury of using a home phone to send and receive calls then just buy any home phone with a regular phone jack and plug it into the magic jack, making sure your magic jack is plugged into a computer / laptop that has access to the internet, and call away.
In order to receive calls on your magic jack you must have your computer/laptop on, not in standby mode. If you have a phone hooked up to your magic jack unit and your computer is on, your actual phone will ring when someone calls you. A lot of people buy mini laptops and leave them on with the magic jack hooked up to their home phone so that they don’t have to ever miss a call.
When you plug your magic jack in your computer/laptop it takes 1-2 minutes before you can actually make or receive a call. Many people leave there computer on always so this is not an issue.  If your computer is off or your magic jack is not plugged into your computer, They will get your voice mail.
I really like the phone book feature as well. You can save a contact and no matter where you go with your magic jack you will have all your contact there. See Below

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