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Get complete solution for low cost phone calls with Magic Jack

Magic jack is a small device which has USB at the one end whereas standard phone jack at the another end. You just have to plug it into your computer USB port and enjoy unlimited phone calls to the local and international location. You can avail the benefits of cheaper phone call service round the whole year. People love to hold the products or services offered at extremely low cost. But most of the people prefer to have first thought and do research for the known fact about the products/services they are interested in. Similarly, magic jack is used by several people because of its quality and features.

Magic jack allow you to make calls at any location in the US and Canada at the yearly subscription charges. By using this device you can get rid of stress of paying monthly telephone bills. The device makes you able to call on landline or cellular phone. You do not require to use a phone headset, a headphones connected with your computer are enough for communication. You can also use built-in microphone as well as speakers as per your choice. To take pleasure of making calls to your dear ones, you must have 24/7 hours availability of high speed internet access. The clarity of the voice and call depends on the speed of the internet connection you have. 

Why to buy Magic Jack?

There are number of mediums of communication that are used by the people depending on their preferences and conveniences. From the last several years you have noticed that new and advanced mediums are being encouraged to give great comfort to the users. From letters to phones and from phones to emails, any method can be used. Online mails have taken their own place by providing easy and fast communication method. But still several times you feel that you cannot explain and discuss everything through emails. That time you get to know that concept of telephone is still in the great demand. Remember that telephones can never be shrugged off.

Everyone knows that long distance calls costs much expensive and maximum people do not know any alternative available these days. The numerous ways are used to enjoy long distance calls at low costs. But the customers are not satisfied and happy with the quality of the calls and provided services. Therefore, Dan Borislow has come up with a wonderful device called Magic Jack so that people get relieve from their huge telephone expenses. This device is considered as the best solution of all telephone related problems. It allows you to make phone calls to the people in US and Canada at free of cost. Unlike ordinary telephones, the device offers high level of call quality and ensures to bring 100% satisfactory smile on the users face after making call to the dear ones. 

VoIP technology is used in the device to transmit the calls from caller to receiver. Magic jack brings phone service that balance high quality and low cost in an effective manner. You just have to spend few dollars to subscribe with its service for a complete 1 year. If you want to continue the same service, you need to renew your subscription plan after 1 year. It costs just small amount of money to make international calls.

The device holds all the essential features that you can get in the ordinary phone. These features include call waiting, voicemail, call holding and various other standard qualities. It also allows you to record the sound of the incoming calls in your computer and you can even get the emails when you receive the voicemails. To achieve the high quality results, make sure to have broadband internet connection.

If you want to use 30 days trial version of the Magic jack software, there is no better idea to pursue the same. In case you do not like it, you can claim for the 30 days money back guarantee. The device is truly a simple way to save your money as well as time. 

Limitations/Problems associated with Magic Jack

Sometime you may face disturbance when you are on call. You might experience a delay between the speaking and hearing time. It occurs due to the low speed internet. Therefore, it is advisable to use broad brand connection that ensures to provide high speed internet access. If you have low speed internet then you will have to become the habitual of such trouble and put your phone down with hard heart.

Another limitation of using magic jack is that it does not support dial up connections.

If you have bought magic jack and discontinue the other telecommunication services, it means that now you are totally dependent on magic jack for the communication. It is not a wise practice as you may have to suffer problem when your device or computer will not work due to any reason. Think what would you do that time?

While making a call, you require keeping your PC on as long as you are on the call. Sometimes it may cause inconvenience because you do not know how often you require to make call. Every time you want to use the device, you have to keep your computer turned on. In case, if there is power outage then you are unable to switch on your computer and hence your device will also not work.

The above mentioned limitations or we can say problems associated with the magic jack are not having much weight than its benefits. So, you can go forward and use the 30 days trial with the money back guarantee to get the test ride of the device. If fully satisfied, you can buy the device later on for long term usage. 

How to install Magic Jack?

Want to find out how to install magic jack? You need to know about the step by step installation procedure. Do not have to worry at all regarding the installation of the device as it is very simple and easy to install. You can easily install the device without any kind of trouble. It is so straightforward that you can perform the installation without reading the instructions provided with the device. To start the installing process, you require magic jack device, a computer with high speed internet connectivity and a landline or cell phone. Now, you have to connect your telephone string with the device and other side of the device is to be connected to the USB port of the computer.

Your computer must have supported operating system that includes Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Intel based Apple MAC OS. So, if you are thinking of buying this device, make sure to have one of the mentioned operating system running in your computer. After the software gets uploaded within few minutes, immediately you will see a window with keypad on the screen. For registration on magic jack, make a single click on “Click to Register” and follow the further steps. You have to give your personal and contact details to proceed further with the registration process. During the process, you require to choose your new number that will be used for phone calls in the future. You will also get the various other details such as address, mail id etc. The complete registration process takes just few minutes and allows you to make unlimited free calls after it is over. 

Buy Magic Jack online

The internet has made the shopping process much easier and affordable too. Buying any product or item through the web gives an excellent shopping experience. Online shopping has not only become safer choice for the customers but also offer number of advantages to them. Magic jack can also be purchased online from the wide selection available at the numerous online stores.

Now you do not have to visit store without leaving the comfort of the home. The online store makes you able to choose the magic jack device comfortably and affordably. You just have to spend some time from your busy schedule in front of your computer so that you can buy a device that best fits your needs. Never carry out the online shopping process in hurry as it may lead you to buy a same product at high price than available in another online store. Therefore, have patience and compare the product at different store to get the best possible deal.

After finalizing and placing order, magic jack will be at your door within just few days. Most of the online store offers free shipping as well. You can obtain other benefits of shopping through the internet by getting huge discounts on free trials. It is advisable to regularly visit the reputed and reliable online stores to avail the special deals. So, it totally depends on your search and selection that what efforts you will put to buy the perfect magic jack. 

How to restore Magic Jack

If you are finding the solution to restore your magic jack, you will find that number of steps make you able to learn how to restore your device effectively without making any mistake. Whether you want to restore your already installed device or want to use the old device placed in your drawer from long time, you just need to follow simple and easily understandable steps to restore it. Firstly you have to delete your existing magic jack from the computer and start following the simple guide to make use of cheap phone calls in order to reduce your monthly expenses to great extent. These steps include:

  1. The very first step is required to unplug the device from the USB port of your computer.
  2. After unplugging the device, you have to close the magic jack software in the computer to stop every kind of activity performing by the device. It is required because the device software start working automatically every time you switch on your computer. An icon will appear in the windows task bar whenever you minimized the software. Do right click on the icon in the task bar and a small window will appear. You have to select ‘EXIT’ option from this window to completely close the device program.
  3. After completing this process, plug the magic jack device again in the USB port or hub connected to the computer.

4. Start again the magic jack software in the computer. This software automatically identifies the device and enters into the server and start VoIP phone service. It means now you can continue making phone calls to anywhere in US and Canada. 

Steps to get positive outcome with Magic Jack

The various steps are required to be followed to achieve the much better results with the device. In order to determine and examine the exact quality of your high speed internet service for VoIP, you need to go ‘testyourvoip’ and select the option ‘preserve speech quality’ and then you require to enter the call destination. You will get your desired outcome within 15 seconds of time span. This result helps you to conclude the quality of the internet you are getting at that time.

You can contact the service provider whenever you face any problem regarding traffic over I.P as it affects a little web download speeds on the VoIP. This can easily be manageable by the magic jack. You also need to have high speed gateway for the data stream or any other type of wireless transmissions.

USB cable used in the device kit helps you to resolve ghost power problems. The magic jack eliminates the intervention. As most of the wireless telephones frequency can disturb the signal and disallow you to keep on your call. Therefore, remember to disconnect the wireless option of the modem or router and your computer to avoid these issues.

Magic jack delivers high end results by saving large amount of you money more effectively. So, buy this device today only and get the benefits of cheap rate overseas calling at home or while traveling abroad. 

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